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>> reporter: up in the diamond district, a man fatally shot in a vehicle near diamond avenue, along macarthur. and today, two men killed along 72nd and international. and fifth man gunned down on 57th avenue just east of international. >> our team coverage continues on the oakland murders. hazebbing mad union has -- >> he works night shift, and after he got off of work last night, he was killed. >> reporter: the health and wellness director here says one of the two men shot to death sitting in this mini-van tuesday morning was 23-year-old robert dell, an overnight grounds keeper who also served as a mentor for the youth. >> in 2012, he had shown
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commitment, reengaged in g. e. d., and was committed to his education, he was a faithful worker, and someone his manager could count on to be at work and serve as a role model. >> reporter: he was also known as a devoted father. >> he had really shown vast growth in terms of commitment to his self and goals and family. >> the police department released this stament which said in part -- statement which said in part, "we need community help and support for success within each strategy, especially when it comes to providing information which may lead to a violent crime being solved." and starting tomorrow, they will start using a new crime tip system. residents will be able to anonymously report crime online or via text message. more information will be
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released tomorrow, including instructions on how to use the new system. an 18-year-old student at skyland high school in oakland was shot to death by police in may. officers say he pointed a gun at them so they had no choice. the man's family says he should not have been killed. family and supporters of marched to city hall demanding that oakland police release a report about the shooting. >> reporter: you -- the city council kept its promise and closed its doors after the room was full. this crowd of protestors were not keeping their mouths shut. they spent the afternoon rallying in front of the district attorney's office before the assistant da came outside and exchanged words. >> why can't we get a report? why can't we -- >> it's not completed at this
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time, and like in any investigation, we take the time that's necessary to make sure the job is done right. when the time comes, it will be released. >> reporter: the sea of people marched through the streets to the city council meeting asking for answers. they want charges brought against the officer for shooting and killing allen bl bluford. they did get the police report. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was killed days after graduating high school. his parents say as an inner city kid, he was well on his way, and his life was cut short. they want a full investigation. >> he was pronounced dead at 12:20. he didn't arrive to the coroner's until 3:45. he was gone for hours. and i want to know what happened. and the only way we can find out is through the report. that's why we keep requesting reports and answers. >> reporter: the police report is more than they have had
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before. the family believes they're one step further and will continue to fight. >> we'll fight for justice forever. >> we want allen's name to live on for change. how can we make change? we have to do something to make change. >> reporter: the family intends to hand letters over to the assistant da this week with the rest of their demands. it was certainly another hot day out there around the day area today, temperatures topping the triple digits in a number of locations. in the inland valleys, 100 degrees in concord, 100 in red wood city, 101 in san raphael. a lot of triple digit readings out there this afternoon. it was even 94 degrees in san francisco, 86 in daley city, and 96 -- daly
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city. the body of another of the fishermen who went missing after his boat cap-sized early sunday morning has been found. it was last night that the first of the two was located. their boat was hit by a large wave near pigeon point on sunday after they left the marina near candlestick park. four men were on board. two were wearing life jackets. they managed to swim to shore. two others went middling. now the bodies of -- missing. now the missing men have been found. the recent delays caused by american alz could be coming to -- airlines could be coming to an end. they could restart the talks between the airline and the pilots.
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they file forward bankruptcy last year. a judge then gave the airline the right to throw out the pilots' old contract. it's going to be a busy weekend! the giants, parades, jets, and sets. >> later in this broadcast, the a's, last night's celebration in their rear-view mirror, they're trying to tie up the american league west with one game remaining. trying to eliminate the dodgers from postseason hopes.
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it was another hot day around the bay area today! near record breaking temperatures. this is a look from the south bay. it's been warm tonight as well. i'm here in the weather center with jacqueline to find out what we can expect for wednesday. do we need t-shirts out again tomorrow? >> it's still going to be warm in a number of places, but the sea breeze winds are going to pick back up. temperatures still 76 in san francisco at this hour. it is 11:16 at night, still 76! it's still 86 in antioch, 70 in liver more, 72 in san jose.
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as i mentioned, the sea breeze winds have not picked up yet, but they're going to into tomorrow afternoon at least. temperatures are going to start to cool tomorrow pretty dramatically. into the 70s and 80s. still on the warmer side inland. thursday and friday, continued cooling as that fog starts to be more widespread. temperatures in the 80s, 83 in san jose. for the inland valleys still pretty warm, but a 4 cry from the triple digits today. 90 in liver more and antioch. east bay shore, 70s for the most part. 74 in oakland. 80 in fremont though. for the coastline temperature , cooling back into the 60s in a couple places. 68 in ocean beach, 67 in half moon bay. if the breezes don't pick up early
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tomorrow, are the temperatures along the coastline should be a little warmer. 82 in nap a80 in novato. so the really high heat is going to be leaving us into the weekend. fleet week comes into sunday, friday, saturday, sunday, similar conditions. we may still see fog lingering near the golden gate. we'll keep you posted. cooler tomorrow, cooler thursday and friday, this weekend temperatures in the 60s and 70s with sporadic cloud cover. there will be plenty of things for you to do this weekend! the strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. preparations are already underway. this concert has headlines including elvis costello, and emmy lou harris.
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>> in san francisco alone, there are more than a half dozen events this weekend. the america's cup world series is already underway and continues along the marina green through sunday. fleet week kicks off this week and runs through the weekend with the blue angels on saturday and sunday along the waterfront. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is running on friday, saturday, and sunday in golden gate park. also sunday, look for the italian heritage parade in north beach. and the castro street fair in the castro. and the giants playoffs, they'll play both saturday and sunday. and the 49ers take to the field at candlestick park on sunday as well. your best bet getting around the city is leave your car at home! take public transit. there will be additional buses and ferries and trains and union lines and bart, and taxis. and if you want to
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go green, the san francisco bike coalition says there will be special bike routes and free, secure bike parking at many of these events. i'm not done. we have to jump to the south bay. stanford's football team hosts arizona on saturday. then the material girl herself, madon ashe'll be in con -- madonna, she'll be in concert saturday and sunday. and how about justin bi.e. b bieber? and there's the possibility of a's playoffs games at the coliseum this weekend. and the blue angels have arrived in the bay area area.
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they landed at sfo. this evening. away the blue angels thundered >> reporter: they landed one by one. the team had just finished flying from hawaii, and there are reports that refueling problems kept the entire team vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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good evening, everybody. the a's extra special season going all the way to game 162. the night started out with jonny gomes. with texas leading 1-0, travis blakely said that's enough! derek norris, he comes through. a little kick the can out in right field. ruz, moss scores, and they're not looking back. gomes, what a way to celebrate. you win the award, then you homer. the guy from petaluma has 18 home runs. and then bob melvin, watch this in the final out, love this. a's tied with the rangers. after trailing by 13 games on june 30th, he finishes it off. the a's have come all the way back, the winner of the american
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league west will be decided at 12:35 start tomorrow at the coliseum. and it is nice to see you get on the band wagon. >> i'm happy for both of our teams! you should be too. [ laughter ] >> no, i'm one of these guys that -- no, i'm happy. but you know what journalism is? it's a hard -- no, no! see? you wanted pompoms and all that stuff. what if you came on the air -- 92 it's sports! you can do that! >> oh, so we're the toy department. [ laughter ] >> oh, we're just all fun and games. >> you can do that in sports! >> but not in hard news! >> no. you cannot do that in hard news. i thought you would have learned that by now. >> all the way to the bank. st. louis owes the giants big-time tonight. matt cain is going to start in game 1 of the playoffs. here's the deal. the cardinals lose their game to cincinnati, so the dodgers could take it to the final game of the season. and look at zito, he
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got matt kemp, then buster posey. there were rumblings he had back spasms. but there he goes. marco scutaro down the line. the giants, 2-1 lead is now 4-1. sergio romo with a man on 2nd, a fly-ball to center field for mark ellis. the dodgers' season is over. st. louis goes to the playoffs, giants win 4-3. washington, 1. and cincinnati, so we'll have to wait to tomorrow night to see who the giants open up at home on saturday. the raider, off this weekend. but the good news came in the fact that darius hayward bay -- maybe we can put this clip to bed. he is healthy enough to suit up, went through
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practice today, and the raisers play it 4-1 -- raiders play it 4-1 atlanta. they're talking about bay being back. nba basketball elbowing its way into the local landscape. the warriors had a meet and greet with the media. if he's coming from a fractured ankle, he might not be ready for the season. >> first day of nba, officially. me personally, getting there. you know, progressed the last two or three weeks. anticipate doing a little bit tomorrow at training camp. i'm not cleared yet to do contact. but the body feels very, very good. >> october 31st, the nba opens. to make pam happy , let me wave some balloons. here's a silly one. i know jacky likes it. but i'm a journal ist. anyway, there's the kid in new jersey,
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went right through the glass, but he got up and 4-1, his team ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es 350. ♪
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